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The Pearl of the Indian Ocean: Discover White Pearl Resorts

About Us: Unveiling Paradise in Mozambique In October 2011, a haven emerged on Mozambique's Lagoon Coast – White Pearl Resorts. This gem, aptly named the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, boasts a tranquil blue ocean, pristine beaches, and enchanting bush surroundings.

Experience: Coastal Chic and Unmatched Serenity Inspired by the coastal biodiversity and Indian Ocean reefs, our resort offers laid-back beachside chic. The beach bar, set against a backdrop of white and turquoise, is the heart of this unmatched beach experience. Lounge on oversized day beds, sip a refreshing cocktail, and soak in breathtaking views of the ocean and white sands. Whether at the glamorous beach bar, wide deck, or the sandy shore, immerse yourself in the serene ambiance.

History: Sustainable Luxury Amidst Natural Beauty Nestled in a sheltered bay, our 22 luxurious suites stand on timber stilts, preserving the fragile eco-systems below. With cool, clean lines and contemporary furnishings, each suite captures the authentic beauty of Mozambique. A tranquil blue ocean, untouched beach, and enchanting bush surroundings create an escape like no other.

Accommodation: Luxury in Harmony with Nature Our resort is a masterpiece on Mozambique's Lagoon Coast. Positioned amongst dunes on timber stilts, the 22 suites are a blend of luxury and eco-conscious design. Contemporary furniture and a palette inspired by the coastal landscape create an otherworldly getaway.

Dining: Culinary Delights in Extraordinary Settings Where we serve is as crucial as what we serve. Under the star-strewn sky, in your private room, or on the beach with waves as your soundtrack, each dining experience is unforgettable. Expect the unexpected as you savor delectable cuisine in various captivating settings.

Romance and Weddings: Love in a Coastal Paradise With the soft sounds of waves and an Indian Ocean backdrop, White Pearl Resorts sets the stage for romance. Your stylish suite provides a luxurious retreat, making it the perfect venue for a romantic getaway or dream wedding.

Escape the World: Pure Relaxation Awaits At White Pearl Resorts, we prioritize your relaxation. Feel the gentle ocean breeze on luxurious day beds, enjoy a bubble bath with ocean views, and cool off in your private plunge pool. Indulge in spa treatments amidst soothing sounds and scents, and let go of all tension with massages designed to ease body and mind.

Embark on a journey of luxury, nature, and pure relaxation at White Pearl Resorts – your haven in the Pearl of the Indian Ocean.

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