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Water Pleasure: Premier Irrigation Solutions in South Africa Since 1983

Water Pleasure stands out as a leading irrigation enterprise in South Africa, established in 1983. Renowned for excellence and innovation, we provide top-tier irrigation solutions and high-quality products. Our expansive product range caters to a diverse clientele, from large-scale farmers to DIY landscaping enthusiasts.

What sets Water Pleasure apart is our wealth of expertise. Our team includes a SABI Accredited Irrigation Designer, a Mechanical Engineer with a B.Eng degree and SA Institute of Agricultural Engineering membership, and an accomplished Agricultural Scientist with an M.Sc degree. Continuous improvement is our ethos, with in-house training enhancing our capabilities consistently.

Our design team excels in technical irrigation solutions. Conducting GPS surveys, we ensure dynamic calculations align with standards. The final design, crafted using Model Maker software, is supported by our team throughout installation and commissioning. Designated by our experts, the system's specifications guarantee Water Pleasure's high standards.

Visit our store for expert advice on irrigation queries and a comprehensive product inventory. Our skilled staff offers practical solutions and pump sizing guidance for various needs, including end suction, submersible, and borehole pumps. Choose Water Pleasure for unparalleled irrigation solutions since 1983.

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