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  • 19 July 2024 14:57 local time


Nestled within the breathtaking expanse of the Pongola Game Reserve lies Nkonkoni Fishing Camp, an idyllic retreat in the heart of the Pongolapoort Biosphere. Our camp offers an unparalleled experience for avid anglers seeking the thrill of fishing amidst stunning natural surroundings.

Unveiling the Pongolapoort Dam Fishing Experience

Spanning approximately 16,000 hectares, the Pongolapoort Dam boasts a river stretch of around 5 kilometers. Here, the tigerfish population has steadily flourished, with noteworthy specimens emerging since the early nineties. In 1998, an impressive 8.3kg tigerfish was caught, and sizes ranging from 5 to 7kg continue to be reeled in. While the average size remains under a kilo, it's entirely plausible to encounter specimens reaching up to 4kg within a three-day fishing excursion.

The challenge of engaging these tigers never wanes, whether it's their tough bony jaws, formidable teeth, sheer cunning, or the remote locales they inhabit. Their astounding ability to strike a lure/bait and their typical attack ratio of 4:1 make tigerfish an electrifying catch. These remarkable fish approach from the side, deftly turn the bait, and then swallow it headfirst.

Embark on an Unforgettable Stay

Book a safari tent or chalet at Nkonkoni Fishing Camp and immerse yourself in a harmonious blend of comfort and adventure. Our accommodations cater to different group sizes and preferences.

Nkonkoni Fishing Camp Chalets Our chalets offer comfortable sleeping arrangements for groups of four, with Chalet 1 accommodating up to five individuals across two bedrooms. Each chalet is air-conditioned and furnished with essential amenities, including cooking and cleaning facilities. Additionally, you'll enjoy a private outdoor shower, a bathroom featuring a Victorian or spa bath, a separate toilet, and a private boma equipped with braai facilities. Make use of the central boma area with DSTV, a fire pit, communal cooking amenities, and a refreshing communal splash pool.

Nkonkoni Fishing Camp Safari Tents Opt for our safari tents, where each unit sleeps seven on bunk and single beds. These tents are equipped with fans, refrigeration facilities, cutlery, crockery, linen, and bath towels. You'll have your own bathroom facilities, a private boma with a 2-plate gas cooker and braai facilities, and access to a central boma area featuring DSTV, a viewing deck, a fire pit, communal cooking facilities, and a shared splash pool.

Tailored Booking Options

Choose from a variety of booking options, including individual tent stays, entire camp rentals accommodating up to 42 individuals across tents and chalets, or camping areas for a more rustic experience. Rates are designed to suit diverse preferences and group sizes.

Explore Beyond Fishing

While fishing remains a highlight, immerse yourself in self-guided game drives on our property during daylight hours. Please adhere to designated roads and speed limits, preserving the natural integrity of the reserve.

Unveil the adventure that awaits at Nkonkoni Fishing Camp, where the captivating beauty of Pongola Game Reserve intertwines with unparalleled fishing escapades. Your journey to tranquility and thrilling angling experiences starts here.

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