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  • 14 July 2024 15:53 local time


Nestled in the heart of Zululand's pristine beauty, Kosi Bay Lodge is your gateway to an unforgettable South African adventure.

Our lodge is a sanctuary of tranquility and natural wonder, situated in close proximity to the enchanting Kosi Bay Nature Reserve. Here, you'll experience a unique blend of comfort and wilderness, where rustic charm meets modern amenities.

Whether you're seeking an eco-friendly retreat, a thrilling coastal excursion, or a peaceful escape, Kosi Bay Lodge has it all.

Wake up to the gentle sounds of nature, explore the crystal-clear waters of the estuary, or embark on guided tours to discover the rich biodiversity of the area.

With our warm hospitality and commitment to sustainability, your stay at Kosi Bay Lodge promises to be a memorable one.

Join us in experiencing the untouched beauty of Zululand at its finest. Your adventure begins here.

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