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  • 19 July 2024 15:04 local time


The Matches on the Map project is the first inter-continental stem cell donor recruitment drive focused on finding matches for those needing a stem cell transplant.

A 112,000km road trip that will last 10 years through 64 countries! South Africa to Vietnam.

The Numinous Expedition team also lists quality spots on-route to the Listable Platform for those who support the initiative.

We drive town to town – country to country, set up stem cell donor recruitment drives, do educational talks and motivate communities to sign up (free and non-invasive). We make use of campsites, caravan parks, wild camping facilities and at times parking lots in order to accomplish this. Our truck-home, Betsy, was converted to run on used cooking oil to make the project financially viable and we’re constantly on the lookout.

Naturally, the places, experiences, events and campsites are filmed in the process and would feature on a future episode.

We also try to encourage establishments and businesses to take part in the project by challenging your colleagues, families and friends to come out and sign up as a team. If you are ever matched up to a patient - the donation process can be compared to a simple blood donation.

If there is anything or aspect that you would be able to assist us with during our stay in your town we would greatly appreciate hearing from you.

Hope to see you soon.

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