Doyi Occuhealth is dedicated to fostering a workplace culture that prioritizes safety and wellness, ultimately boosting productivity. Our tailored, systematic approach assists organizations in identifying and investing in programs that elevate workforce health and fitness levels.

Passionate Practitioners for Customized Programs

Our team comprises passionate practitioners in occupational medicine, primary health, and strategic management. With extensive expertise, we craft custom workplace health programs tailored to specific organizational needs, addressing challenges effectively.

Certified Commitment to Excellence

As a certified level 1 BBBEE contributor, Doyi Occuhealth is committed to assisting organizations in creating strategies, policies, and programs that drive decisions around job fitness and employee health initiatives.

Job Fitness Consulting for Optimal Results

Our services encompass strategic consulting for legally compliant workplace health and safety decisions, emphasizing job fitness alignment and facilitating skill transfer to our client organizations.

Job Fitness Audits and Strategic Advisory

By employing structured audits, we ensure policies, HR processes, and health interventions align strategically, driving investments in workforce health and performance enhancement.

Tailored Approach for Optimal Results

Our approach includes:

  • Audits and reviews of fitness for work status
  • Alignment of internal policies with health and safety legislation
  • Defining job specifications and pre-employment screenings
  • Recommendations for programs and resources for fitness at work
  • Training, Awareness, and Empowerment

We empower individuals to manage their well-being effectively, offering insights and resources to enhance lifestyle changes, manage chronic illnesses, and bolster resilience in demanding situations.

Comprehensive Fitness for Work Medical Assessments

Specialized in fitness assessments for safety-critical roles like aviation and diving, our approach ensures compliance with safety regulations and tailored assessments based on job requirements.

Specialized Medical Assessments Offered

  • Aviation and diving medicals
  • Pre-employment and employment exit medicals
  • Insurance and driver medicals
  • Travel clinic services
  • Expertise and Infrastructure

Our clinic, equipped with specialized testing tools, offers onsite and mobile medical screenings, certified by relevant regulatory bodies for aviation and diving medicals.

Doyi Occuhealth—Your Partner in Fostering Job Fitness and Workplace Wellness.

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