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A Legacy of Generations
The Shaw family's stewardship of this land since 1852 has cherished the Karkloof range, one of the largest privately owned indigenous forests. For five generations, this sprawling expanse has been their pride, nurturing a haven for hikers, birders, and nature enthusiasts amidst the colossal 'giants' far from everyday hustle.

Making Nature Accessible
Irvine and Angela, the visionary owners, dreamt of sharing this privilege with more souls. Thus, Bushwillow Park emerged, named after the flourishing Combretum Kraussii that paints the area with seasonal spectacles of color.

Caravan Park Oasis
Grass terraces await caravaners and campers, nestled under the majestic Karkloof forest canopy, each site equipped with electricity. Amidst four serene dams and abundant flora and fauna, the chorus of birdlife welcomes each dawn, turning waking moments into pure relaxation.

Cottage Serenity
Envision waking by a reed-filled stream teeming with birdlife. The Family Cottage, with its two bedrooms and spacious verandah, or the secluded intimacy of the Smaller Cottage, offers tranquil escapes amidst breathtaking vistas.

Events Amidst Nature's Embrace
Just a stone's throw from Howick, the venue, seating 100, offers an idyllic setting for conferences, weddings, and celebrations. With a deck overlooking the dam, sundowners become moments of serene indulgence, as local caterers craft culinary perfection for your special day.

Adventure Awaits
Embark on superb forest hikes, marvel at towering trees, ascend Grey Mare's Tail Waterfall, and witness the Wattled Crane nesting sites. Nature's treasures, from blooming clivia to panoramic vistas that seem to touch the sea, await every explorer.

Activities for Everyone
From birders' delights to nature lovers' paradises, Bushwillow Caravan Park invites you to embrace tranquility, splash in the dams, and revel in a myriad of activities—swim, walk, cycle, and simply enjoy the abundance of nature.

Unwind, explore, and relish the serenity at Bushwillow Caravan Park—where nature's embrace beckons for unforgettable moments amidst pure tranquility.

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