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BOUNCE Fourways: Where Gravity Takes a Backseat and Fun Takes the Lead! 

Get ready to elevate your excitement at Gauteng's ultimate indoor trampoline park! BOUNCE Fourways is a playground for thrill-seekers of all ages, and it's not your ordinary trampoline experience. It's an adrenaline-fueled adventure you won't forget!

Soaring High, Landing Soft: We've decked out our trampoline wonderland with over 100 interconnected trampolines and massive airbags. Feel the rush as you bounce off "The Great Wall of Jozi," and embrace the freedom of freestyle gymnastics and extreme sports—all without the hard landing.

Unleash Your Inner Daredevil: Whether you're perfecting your aerial tricks or simply getting an epic workout while defying gravity, BOUNCE Fourways is the place to be. Our slam-dunk arenas, wall-running challenges, and dodgeball courts are designed for maximum fun and safety.

Endless Adventures Await: At BOUNCE Fourways, your options are limitless. Explore our Free-Jump Arena, practice your slam dunk, conquer the Big Bag, dominate in dodgeball, and take on the Wall tramps in the Performance area.

Clip 'n Climb: Prepare to be amazed by our never-before-seen wall-climbing area called Clip 'n Climb. With more than 20 uniquely themed indoor climbing walls, we're changing the game with an exciting and challenging experience for all ages.

X-Park Adventure Challenge: Take on the X-Park adventure challenge course like no other. Combine climbing, jumping, free-running, and zip down the aerial runway to the finish line—it's the ultimate test of agility and daring.

Conveniently Located: Situated in the heart of Fourways, BOUNCE is not just about thrills; it's about convenience too. After your gravity-defying adventure, head up to our second-level tuck-shop and refuel with a delicious bite to eat.

At BOUNCE Fourways, we're rewriting the rules of fun.

Join us for an unforgettable experience where the laws of gravity don't apply, but the fun factor is off the charts!

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