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Experience the Cultural Heartbeat of Cape Town at The Baxter Theatre Centre

Nestled in the heart of the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town, under the watchful gaze of the iconic Devil's Peak mountain and adjacent to the prestigious University of Cape Town, The Baxter Theatre Centre stands as a vibrant and multicultural epicenter of entertainment. Our esteemed establishment proudly offers a world-class theater, a splendid concert hall, a versatile studio stage, meticulously designed rehearsal rooms, administrative offices, a delightful restaurant, inviting bars, and an expansive and impressive foyer that beckons patrons with its warm embrace.

A Beacon of Hope and Progress

Founded in 1976, The Baxter Theatre Centre played a pivotal role as a beacon of hope during the challenging apartheid era. During a time when non-racial interaction was either banned or heavily censored, The Baxter, in close partnership with the University of Cape Town, showcased groundbreaking, multiracial, and progressive productions. It was within these walls that South Africa witnessed its first interracial kiss on a theatrical stage during the inaugural production of "Miss Julie" in 1985. Today, our rendition of "Mies Julie" continues to captivate audiences worldwide, cementing our legacy of artistic excellence.

A Thriving Cultural Hub

Conveniently situated within walking distance of the lively student shopping district of Rondebosch, The Baxter Theatre Centre seamlessly integrates with the vibrant surroundings. Coffee shops, gyms, and restaurants are easily accessible, creating a cultural ecosystem where art and leisure blend harmoniously. Additionally, the nearby railway station ensures that our cultural haven is easily reached, making every visit a convenient and memorable experience.

As we continue to champion the arts and embrace diversity, The Baxter Theatre Centre welcomes you to explore the rich tapestry of cultural experiences we have to offer.

Join us on a journey where creativity knows no bounds, and where history and the future converge in a symphony of entertainment and enlightenment.

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