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Our Story

Green Punk Designs, also known as Dixey Pickers, is the brainchild of a passionate husband and wife duo on a mission to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. Committed to upcycling, the Dixey couple scours junkyards, auctions, and demolition sites in search of hidden treasures with untapped potential. Their weekends filled with artistry and innovation have evolved into a thriving small business.

Meet the Visionary Daren Dixey, the creative force behind Green Punk Designs, doesn't stop at crafting quirky functional art like unique lighting, Bluetooth speakers, and one-of-a-kind wine and whiskey holders. He's lent his artistic touch to restaurants, homes, shop fronts, and boutique hotels, infusing them with an industrial, upcycled charm. Daren collaborates with a dedicated team, including the skilled Sandile, to bring his imaginative visions to life.

Unveiling Green Punk Designs Our name, "Green Punk Designs," perfectly encapsulates our ethos. "Green" signifies our commitment to upcycling, while "punk" reflects Daren's passion for steampunk art. Initially rooted in steampunk aesthetics, our artistry has organically evolved into a playful, industrial style. Daren's background in electrical engineering has proven invaluable in many of our projects.

Our Mission

At Green Punk Designs, we're on a mission to reinvent discarded materials into stunning, functional works of art. Our goal is to redefine waste by breathing new life into it and showcasing its innate beauty.

Our Vision

In a world grappling with excessive consumption and waste, we champion upcycling as a solution to reduce our environmental footprint. By diverting materials from landfills and transforming them into something beautiful and useful, we're paving the way for a circular economy. We envision a world where resources are cherished and maximized to their full potential.

Join us at Green Punk Designs in our journey to embrace creativity, sustainability, and a brighter future for our planet.

Together, we're making art that matters!

  • 482 Boundary Rd, North Riding AH, Roodepoort, 2162, South Africa

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